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2011 Banff Cancer Crushers

The Banff Cancer Crushers was founded in 2009 by a group of local riders who decided to participate in The Alberta Ride To Conquer Cancer. For 4 years, the Crushers rode in the RTCC, a 2-day 220km cycling adventure from Calgary to Chain Lakes Provincial Park and back. To date the Banff Cancer Crushers has raised almost $100,000 in support of the Alberta Cancer Foundation.  We could not have done it without the amazing support of friends, donors and the incredible communities and businesses of the Bow Valley.  Thank you all !!


In 2013, we decided to stay closer to home and organized our own fundraising ride through the beautiful Canadian Rockies, from Jasper to Banff.  Our purpose was still to CRUSH cancer by raising funds directly in support of the work of the Alberta Cancer Foundation.


In 2014, after the incredible success that was last year’s ride, we’ve decided to again host our own event, this time riding from Banff to Radium and back, once again in support of the Alberta Cancer Foundation. This year’s goal of riding 270km over 2 days through these beautiful mountains is a personal and individual challenge, yet at the same time we each know that together we are part of something much bigger, something very good, something worth every ounce of effort and every dollar donated.  Our ride instantly creates a synergy, a purpose and camaraderie with old friends and new friends that spins our wheels and propels our journey.  It’s a celebration of life.  It uplifts our humanity.  It honours those we have lost to cancer and it tells those who are fighting cancer now that they are NOT ever alone. We are all in this together!


We believe that together we will win, that we can stop cancer in its tracks and that one day soon it will be history.  We ride for the day when none of us will hear the words “You have cancer”.  When that day comes, we will have been part of it and we shall leave a lasting and worthy legacy of health and life for future generations.


The CRUSHERS live, work and/or play here in Banff, one of the world’s most beautiful national parks.  Life here is truly a gift.  This is a place for getting outside, living each day to the full and enjoying the mountains.  We are excited about the 2013 Banff Cancer Crushers Fundraising Tour.  We already have more riders than ever before and we expect more to sign up.


We need your help.  We really do.  We can’t do this alone.  We need our community to get behind this event yet again and make it another huge success.  Become part of our mission, join us on the journey, help to create the legacy. Join us as a rider or donate to the cause and if you are a local business please get behind the team and help us represent Banff and the Bow Valley.  Together we can make a difference.
Together we really can CRUSH CANCER!!

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